• Marketing strategy for smartphones

  • Online and offline sales Channel Strategy

  • Online Cross-Channel Strategy

  • marketing strategy for smartphones

  • Sale growth strategy for semicondutors

GSG provides exposure
to international projects

Project Milestone 2018-2019 of
Cem Yilmaz in GSG
(GSG 16, Columbia)

“During my first year, I visited 5 different
countries in Europe and South America to help
Samsung set up new retail strategy”

Outside of the office, there is an endless
variety of activities and events

  • Traveling around Asia’s top touristic spots

  • Baseball game

  • Business trips

  • Offsite training

  • Project team dinners

  • Yoga retreat

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  • GSG team members
    organize lots of
    activities together
    out of the office

  • Offsite training (GNC)

  • Hiking in Bukhansan

  • Yoga

  • Tennis club

  • Surf weekends

  • Skiing trip

  • Golfing

  • Team dinners